How will I earn my grade?

Semester grades are based on points earned in class, points earned for completing homework activities (READ 180 only), and points earned for completing in-class projects and assessments. Students may typically earn five points per class period. One point is earned for being on time, one point for SAM completion, and three points for participating appropriately in instructional activities. In READ 180 only, homework and beginning-of-class boardwork are worth five points per week. Assessments and projects are scored and reported separately.

Students are expected to comply with the following Sanford Expectations for Excellence: 1) Show up.  2) Be respectful and kind.  3) Go Pro! (Demonstrate the professional student qualities of being prepared, participating, and working hard.) Daily participation points are based on compliance with these expectations.

In Read 180 only, the standing weekly homework assignment is the completion of the READ 180 At-Home Reading Log. Logs will be distributed every other week, and due dates will be discussed and clearly indicated on the log sheet. Log due dates are also written in student SAMs. Click the link below to download a copy of the current At-Home Reading Log.

Each student will be issued a READ 180/Reading Workshop folder and notebook which will remain in the classroom. The in-class folder will include all work completed for the semester, and a progress/grading sheet. Notebooks will contain boardwork, word study activities, and responses to readings conducted in class. In addition, students will keep a READ 180/Reading Workshop folder in their Sanford binder, to keep track of the homework log sheet (READ 180 only) and other "go home" information. Grades will be updated weekly in students' in-class folders and on the student/parent portal. There will be no "surprises" at ends of marking periods, as students will be informed of their progress each week. The grading scale is as follows:

A = 94-100+%; A- = 90-93%

B+ = 87%-89%; B = 84-86%; B- = 80-83%

C+ = 77-79%; C = 74-76%; C- = 70-73%

D+ = 67-69%; D = 64-66%; D- = 60-63%

F = 0-59%