STUDENTS' GRADES SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW AND HOW THEY INTEREACT IN CLASS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Assessments   70%    

    A student will show that they have mastered an learning target in a variety of ways.  Some of these may be activities, quizzes, projects, tests.

Class Activities, Homework, Group and Class Participation    30%

    Students will be provided with a variety of activities to practice the learning target.  These may be class work or homework.   

    Students are expected to be on time, bring all materials, stay on task in a respectful manner and participate in group work.

Grading Scale

93  A  Exceeds Expectation

90  A-  Beginning to Exceed Expectations

87  B+ Almost Exceeds Expectations

83  B  Meets Expectations

80  B-  Beginning to Meet Expectations

77  C+  Almost Meets Expectations

73  C  Meets Some Expectations

70  C-  Meets a Few Expectations

67  D+  Approaching Meeting Expectations

60  D  Beginning to Meet Expectations

50   F  Little or No Evidence of Meeting Exp.

0      F-  Does Not Work