Family Involvement Plan
We welcome parents and family members to visit Sanford for parent meetings, PTSA, Site Council, conferences, potlucks, band concerts, talent shows, visits with teachers, counselor, social worker, resource teachers and deans.   The Family Involvement Plan means that Sanford wants to hear from you! 
Sanford’s Family Liaison is Mara Bernick. Karina Altoro and Mohamed Abdi assist in communicating with families who speak Spanish and Somali. 
The Family Involvement Plan includes:
·       opportunity to view, comment on the Family Improvement plan
·       opportunity to view, comment on SIP plan
·       grade- specific information meetings for 6,7,8 th graders and their families
·       Teams share expectations, supply lists and general curriculum information
·       communication about school events through School Messenger, school website and parent listserv   and paper copies sent home of school expectations: backpacks and letters
·       school messages translated into Spanish and Somali
·       daily open door invitation to come talk about concerns
·       parent conferences
·       student progress reports sent home every three weeks and available online  
·       training in use of Parent Portal at conferences and drop ins
·       volunteer opportunities
·       home visits
·       child care at all parent meetings
·       PTSA meetings
·       Site Council Meetings
·       grade level potlucks
·       Somali and Spanish translators available during the school day and at all parent events
·       Deaf and hard of hearing translator available by appointment
Family Liaison:
Social Worker:
School Counselor:
Somali Associate Educator:
Sanford School Improvement Plan: the “SIP”

The School Improvement Plan includes a set of actions that Sanford will take to reach the goal that all students will be able to meet and exceed the State’s academic achievement goals in Reading and Math.

Here is a list of the actions Sanford worked on in 2015-2016 to improve student achievement for all students, at all skill levels.

1. Teachers will meet weekly in their professional learning communities (“PLCs”).
In these work groups, teachers:
• share strategies and student results to determine what works best
• plan units together, including assessments at different skill levels
• examine test scores to see what next steps are needed to help students master the learning targets.

2. Reading teachers will teach strategies that help students become active readers
who can set goals and use strategies to comprehend more difficult text.

3. Teachers will teach the academic vocabulary needed in their subject.

4. 6th grade teachers will use the district’s Focused Instruction curriculum.

5. Sanford will communicate with parents, families and community on:
• academic, behavior, and social opportunities to support their students
• student learning goals and student growth
• opportunities for collaboration and feedback

6. The Sanford attendance team will assist students, families and school staff to
increase student attendance with attendance interventions.

For the complete text click on the Staff Resources link on the home page of this website, click on SIP, then click on the blue link, “School Improvement Plan.”