General Expectations 

  • Bring a good attitude, try your best, and be a positive, contributing member of your group and the class. 
  • Be on time with supplies - sharpened pencils, a spiral graphing notebook and text book.
  • Listen and ask questions, participate in groups and whole class activities;
  • Treat everyone and everything with respect.
  • NO GUM, FOOD OR DRINK IN CLASS. Plain water in clear bottle is ok, and actually encouraged.

Late Work 

  • Late work:  projects recieve a reduction of one letter grade.  
  • No late homework is accepted.
  • Certain assignments will not be accepted late. Listen and read instructions carefully to avoid this.

Absent Work 

  • Check a friend's SAM and the the homework calendar for what you missed.  THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY
  • Copy any missed notes from a friend’s notebook.  
  • If you missed a quiz or test, see me right away to schedule a make-up.


  • You are tardy if you are not in your seat when I begin class. 
  • First tardy will be recorded and a warning given if possible. 
  • Second tardy, and any after that, reported to the team dean or assistant principal. 


  • If you need to leave the room you must have your SAM.
  • No passes the first 10 and last 10 minutes of class OR during 'instruction time'. 
  • You are expected to go only to where the pass says and to return to class in 3 mns.
  • Remember, you need to be in class to learn.  Use your passes wisely.
  • If you abuse the pass policy you will not be allowed to use your passes for class.

Help Sessions

  • You are expected to get help if you are not passing.
  • I will be available during homework help before school.  Check the school schedule or in class for which days.
  • I will be after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays during Team Homework Help.   Other times are available with prior arrangements.

End of Quarter Positive Reinforcement

  •  At the end of the quarter those classes who have a C- or better' will have a choice time during part of the class.
  •  Those students having a grade less than C- will work on improving their grade.