Construction Updates

Sanford's Expansion Project
December, 2014 - August, 2016

Watch this page for photos & updates as our Expansion Project progresses.  We are replacing the northeast wing of the building with a new high-school-sized gym and three floors of new classrooms, to be finished in the fall of 2016.


The NE wing is gone! There is a little demolition happening yet on the north side in the old Choir room space, but it will end tomorrow and then the worst of the noise & dust will be OVER. The big industrial air filters are still running, which we appreciate.

Sanford's Spring Break Academy and Summer School will both be at Keewaydin this year, as we will not have access to our building during student breaks. The construction crews will definitely take full advantage of every day that we don't have students, to get as much done as they can! See below for latest photos.


Demolition has been very loud and disruptive this week. Most days involve some noise, but we've had more "booming and banging" than usual! At today's construction meeting, we learned that we only have one week left to go of this loud part. Once demolition is over and construction begins, it won't be so disruptive. Keep the faith, Hawks!

We also had the fire alarm go off yesterday and had to evacuate in the cold - not fun. But our staff was quick to find the cause - construction dust - and we were able to confirm there was no fire and bring kids back in before we had even cleared the whole building.  Whew!


* Demolition is in full swing! The band and choir rooms are gone, along with much of the East Gym. We are hearing some noise - especially in the mornings before school starts - but not TOO bad yet.

* Door 7 on the north side is closed & will not be usable for about a year.

* The construction fence is up outside, and Doors 11 and 12 are closed permanently. Student drop-off & pick-up will now be at door 13 at the corner of 42nd Ave and 36th St.
* The walls are up inside, so the northeast corner has been blocked off. Demolition of this space is scheduled to begin on 1-25-15 and last for about one month. 


To view the photos below, please click "View Slideshow", or click on individual photos. As you view the slideshow, please note that the captions are toward the bottom of the page, so you may need to adjust the window or scroll down.

Please contact Dr. Palmer with any questions at 612-668-4901 or - thank you!