Debate Team Big Wins!

Debate Citywide Championship Tournament: 
From the Urban Debate League: We want to congratulate you on how well your students performed at the final middle school tournament, the city-wide invitational. Your students competed against the most competitive students from all over Minneapolis. 
Additionally, the Sanford team won the First Place Sweepstakes award based on a combination of their overall high attendance and their competitive success!
We especially want to congratulate the team of Chloe Olson and Sarita Venkatrathnam for coming in Second Place in the Varsity Division after making it to the final round. This is an exceptional result at our most competitive tournament, and it means they’re among the best middle school debaters in the cities!  Congratulations!
Tournament Results:
Varsity Teams
  • Second Place - Sarita Venkatrathnam & Chloe Olson
  • Third Place - Indran Kutty & Zachary Moore
Varsity Speakers
  • 4th Place - Zachary Moore
  • 4th Place - Indran Kutty
  • 6th Place - Chloe Olson
  • 7th Place - Sarita Venkatrathnam