Learning Targets

7th Grade Math- updated 02/01/2017


Unit 4: Proportional Relationships (6 weeks) Approximate dates: January 31 March 10, 2017

  1. 4.1  I can write a proportional relationship as y = kx or y/x = k, and distinguish it from other

    relationships (including linear and inversely proportional relationships). (

  2. 4.2  Given a table, graph, equation, context, or language for a proportional relationship, I can

    generate all of the other forms. (,,

  3. 4.3  I can connect real-world or mathematical situations to equations and inequalities.


  4. 4.4  I can solve equations for a variable using the properties of equality and explain what my

    solution means. (,

  5. 4.5  I can graph and describe translations and reflections of figures on a coordinate grid and I

    can predict the coordinates of the vertices for the transformed figure. (