Greetings from Ms. A-P!
Ms. A-P looking at Volcan Santiaguito
This is an awesome active volcano I saw in Guatemala!

Hi!  My name is Hope Austin-Phillips (Ms. A-P) and I am a 7th grade science teacher at Sanford and the science department lead.  This is my 13th year teaching middle school science and my eighth year at Sanford Middle School.   

I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and went to College of St. Benedict for my undergraduate studies.  In 2000, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I did my graduate studies in education.  I started teaching in Phoenix in 2003 and have been teaching since then! I loved Arizona, but I am very happy to be living in Minnesota.

I am so excited to be teaching middle school science!  I feel like I have the best job ever!  The best thing about teaching science is that I get to incorporate my love for science with my love for working with people.  

Besides teaching, I have quite a few other interests.  I love to hang out with my family which includes my sons, Felix and Sebastian, and dog, Walter.  I also spend a lot of time with my parents and brother who live in Duluth!    I love travel, hiking, mountain biking, running, backpacking, triathlon, and any other activity that gets me outside!

I am here to help you and to be the best teacher I can be!  Please contact me if you need anything!