Students have returned from Eagle Bluff.  Eagle Bluff is home to a multitude of unique and adventurous activities for kids. All students experienced classroom instruction that helped to strengthen their relationship with the environment while at Eagle Bluff.  All students participated in the high ropes courses; they challenged themselves, gaining new skills and building self-confidence.  Each night we listened to a naturalist; one night we learned about reptiles and the other raptors.

Eagles are raptors.  The Raptor Center will be coming to Sanford Wednesday May 24th, and it will be bringing an eagle.


Additional Information about Summer Camps at Eagle Bluff here: http://www.eagle-bluff.org/top/camps/



video Group B Photos   --  High Ropes Course - East Tree Tops; Archery Range; Naturalist Program - Reptiles; Winter Survival; The Big Freeze