Welcome to Sanford Middle School!

مرحبًا بكم في مدرسة سانفورد المتوسطة

Ku soo dhowaada Dugsiga dhexe ee Sanford

¡Bienvenidos a la escuela Intermedia Sanford!



Please join us for our first Sanford Parent Group (SPG) meeting of the year on Thursday, Sept 11 at 6:00pm in the Sanford cafeteria!

Hope to see you there!


 We are excited about the changes our new 7-period day schedule allows:

* All students get classes in all 8 MYP-required subject areas every year: Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, Mathematics, Sciences, Design, Arts, Individuals & Societies, and Physical & Health Education

* English, Math, Social Studies & Science are still team-based, so the teachers all share the same students and students stay together for 3 years

* We've increased offerings in Arts, Design, PE & World Languages, including the additions of Choir & Spanish

* Advanced Reading, AVID, Readers' Workshop & Focus Math are still options for students who want or need them

Dr. Palmer spent an hour with each team reviewing the MYP program & how it impacts the new schedule. If you or your student have questions, please give us a call! Dr. Emily Palmer, Principal: 612-668-4901;  Tracy Walberg, Counselor, 612-668-4905; Vicki Jones, Parent Liaison, 612-668-4914

Thank you!